Fryer malfunction in Yum Yum food truck injures workers

The food truck's new look. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck

LAYTON, Utah, Dec.4, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Layton’s World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck is out of commission again after a minor explosion inside, according to the company’s Facebook post.

“Prayers needed after food truck explosion,” the post says. “Friday night in Ogden, a fryer malfunctioned and caused an explosion of flames in our truck. The flames hit Ben and Brevin and they were both put in the emergency room. They are OK, but in a lot of pain.

“Brevin has asked me not to share his photo, but has gotten second-degree burns on his face and is recovering now. Ben has burns on his face, arms, hands and body. Bryson was in the truck, but was able to escape the flames.

“We are hoping to have the repairs done soon, but please be patient while our guys recover. We will be reaching out soon to events and reworking our schedule.”

June vandalization

The company last lost use of its truck briefly when it was vandalized June 6 of this year.

“Offensive racist messages were painted on the passenger side of the truck,” said a Facebook message posted at the time by the Layton Police Department.

Photo: Facebook/World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck

“It was parked on the street in the neighborhood south of Antelope Drive and east of Hillfield Road when the crime occurred.”

Within a few days, the truck had been restored, due in large part to financial support from the community.

“It has been an emotional few days,” says a post issued in June by Yum Yum. “The love and support that we got from all of you has been deeply heartfelt. My family can’t thank you guys enough.

“Special thanks to Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson and Dan from Identity Graphx for the new look. Thanks to Mayor Joy Petro, Councilman Clint Morris, Councilman Zach Bloxham, Dustin, everyone in the neighborhood and all of you angels. Love prevails.”


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