Gov. Gary Herbert Newsmaker Interview: on politics of the pandemic, pursuit of racial justice, police reform, safety of voting by mail

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 17, 2020 (Gephardt Daily Newsmaker) — Gov. Gary Herbert has had a remarkable run in Utah politics.

Now, at age 73, the state’s chief executive enters the final weeks in the governor’s office — his home away from home for more than a decade — and looks forward to a happy and active retirement with wife Jeanette, and 17 doting grandkids.

In normal times the twilight of such a distinguished career would be marked by reflection, farewell tours and a victory lap or two, cementing legacies with back slaps, handshakes, and a steady stream of “Good Luck” sheet cakes.

But in Herbert’s case, the cakes have had to wait. Handshakes, too. There’s a pandemic raging, after all, one of the gravest public health threats faced by any Utah governor.

And that’s not the only challenge to face the governor during his final year office.

In a wide-ranging discussion on Gephardt Daily’s “Newsmaker,” Herbert talks about the daunting challenges in his final year office, from the politics of the pandemic to the pursuit of racial justice and reform of law enforcement.

What’s it like to lead in such turbulent times and where will retirement lead him?

To play the interview in its entirety, please click on the player above.

The Gephardt Daily Newsmaker Interviews are made possible in part by a sponsorship by Robert J. DeBry & Associates, supporters of local journalism.


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