Gov. Herbert calls COVID-19 case spike ‘unsustainable’

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. File photo: News conference screen grab/

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct 16, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Gov. Gary Herbert on Friday issued a statement on the COVID-19 case spike.

The statement:

The spike in cases we have seen in recent weeks is unsustainable.

As Utahns, it is our duty to work together to turn things around. We must exercise all necessary precautions and follow all public health guidance. Utahns must wear a mask around others, socially distance, and limit social gathering sizes. Unless we do these things, we can expect to see more sobering days like today. 

This is vital to ensure our healthcare system is not overwhelmed treating patients who contract COVID-19.

If we cannot get this spike under control, and based on today’s data, we expect four more counties to automatically be designated as high transmission areas next week as part of our newly revised and updated transmission index. High transmission areas have more strict public health requirements than moderate and low areas.

We are grateful to Utahns who commit to limiting the spread of COVID-19. We must all do our part to protect the health and safety of our fellow Utahns and the economic well being of our state.

As families travel for fall break, please take extra precautions by keeping your distance from other family groups and wearing a mask if you can’t.

A follow-up note said the reference to four counties close to being redesignated as high risk may have been premature. The second note:

Even though today’s numbers were striking, it was premature for us to list specific counties that could change transmission levels so soon. This process is new and we look forward to working with counties, communities, and the local health officers to keep the spread of COVID-19 under control.

On Friday, the Utah Department of Health’s daily report indicated eight more deaths, 1,496 new lab confirmed cases, and 290 patients hospitalized in the past 24 hours.


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