Grand County Sheriff’s official rescues great horned owl with broken wing

A Grand County Sheriff's investigator rescued a great horned owl with a broken wing Tuesday morning. Photo Courtesy: Grand County Sheriff's Office

GRAND COUNTY, Utah, Jan. 7, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Grand County Sheriff’s investigator rescued a great horned owl with a broken wing Tuesday morning.

A statement from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office said that at approximately 7 a.m., investigator Nate Whitney was driving south of Moab on U.S. Highway 191 when he noticed what appeared to be “a very large, deceased bird in the roadway.”

Whitney stopped to clear the road and upon approaching, he saw the bird was an owl with a broken wing.

“He then realized the owl was alive as it extended a leg and claws towards him in a defensive manner,” the news release said. “Whitney returned to his vehicle and contacted dispatch for assistance from Utah Department of Natural Resources.”

As Whitney’s vehicle did not have a protective divider separating the driver area from the passenger area, deputy Josh Stalpes responded in his patrol truck, the press release said. 

“Whitney then used a blanket from his vehicle to successfully cover the large owl, picked it up and swaddled it much like a baby,” the news release added. “The owl was calm as it was placed in Stalpes’ truck and safely transferred to the Sheriff’s Office where it was picked up for rehabilitation at Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in Price.”

The rehabilitation center determined it was a great horned owl, officials said.


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