Graphic Video: UHP Releases Warning to Slow Down and Move Over

File Photo: UHP

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – August 13, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Utah Highway Patrol has released a video reminder of the importance of moving over and slowing down as you approach accidents along the highway.

The video is a shocking reminder of how dangerous the side of the road is and what happens when individuals don’t take their warnings seriously.

The Utah Highway Patrol used footage from the “Your Vest Won’t Stop These Bullets” campaign put together by the IACP, NHTSA, FHWA, FBI and National Sheriff’s Association.

This particular video hits home with the UHP as just a couple of months ago Cedar City UHP Trooper David Schiers was hit by an out-of-control car as he was assisting in another accident. Schiers suffered very serious injuries as he was pinned beneath one of the vehicles and firefighters had to use the jaws of life to lift the vehicle off him.

Trooper Schiers’ dash cam caught the entire incident on video and is included in this collection of very graphic accidents.

The warning on their Facebook Page is clear. “We wear bullet proof vests, our vest can’t stop these bullets so we created this video to help demonstrate how dangerous the side of the road is and how important it is for drivers to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER.”


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