Heavy snow collapses family’s roof in Mountain Green

Photo: Mountain Green Fire Protection District

MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah, March 12, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Accumulated snow caused a roof to collapse early Sunday in the Highlands area of Mountain Green.

“The family was able to safely escape,” says a statement issued by the Mountain Green Fire Protection District.

Firefighters on Mountain Green engine 131 responded to the site, on Sierra Drive, “and assessed damage, took gas leak readings, and retrieved medications, keys and phones.

“Firefighters had to don the snowshoes we carry on the trucks in order to control the utilities which were in the rear yard under many feet of snow.”

The family was able to make arrangements to stay with friends. No vehicles were in the garage, where the majority of the collapse took place, the Mountain Green Fire statement says.

“The county Building Inspector will check the structure today, but signs of major structural damage are apparent throughout.”

Photo Mountain Green Fire Protection District


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