Highland’s Lone Peak High on lockdown after report of gunman

File photo: Gephardt Daily
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HIGHLAND, Utah, Oct. 25, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded to Highland’s Lone Peak High School after an unknown caller reported someone with a gun entering the school.

Alpine School District spokesman David Stephenson told Gephardt Daily at 12:45 p.m. Friday that the school is on lockdown.

“They thought they saw someone entering with a weapon,” Stephenson said. “Police swept outside of the building, currently going room to room to check all the students.”

Lone Peak High has an enrollment of about 2,300 students, he said.

Stephenson said it is unknown who made the emergency call, or whether it was legitimate or a false report false.

At about 12:50, Lone Peak Police Department tweeted the following:

Lone Peak High School is on Lock Down due to information received on a possible person with a gun near the school . We are taking this threat seriously until additional information is available that indicates otherwise. All the students are fine and safe. Officers are in the building . If you are a parent PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE SCHOOL , we will out our additional information as it comes available.

The school is located at 10189 N. 4800 West, Highland.

The following brief video, by Halie Thompson, shows officers racing to get to the school.

Gephardt Daily will provide updates on this breaking story as they are available.

Lone Peak High. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/An Errant Knight


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