Hogle Zoo gorilla Georgia turns 1 July 6; will party with guests, cake

Georgia. Photo: Hogle Zoo

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 30, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Hogle Zoo invites guests who visit on July 6 to celebrate the birthday of Georgia, the western lowland gorilla born at the facility last year.

The Zoo staff will even provide cake.

“Utah’s Hogle Zoo is excited to celebrate the first birthday of Georgia, the first successful western lowland gorilla to be born at the Zoo in decades,” says an invitation shared by the zoo. “The Zoo invites guests to join the celebration for Georgia on July 6, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2600 Sunnyside Ave.

“The celebration includes a birthday banner craft, enrichment food toss, keeper talk and some birthday cake for guests while supplies last. The event is free with daytime zoo admission. Admission tickets can be purchased at www.hoglezoo.org and at the Zoo’s main ticket window.”

Georgia was born on July 6, 2020 to first-time mother, Jabali and father Husani.

“Throughout the past year, baby Georgia has learned normal gorilla behaviors such as climbing, foraging for food and chest beating, thanks to the examples of her troop. Georgia’s keepers describe her as playful, outgoing and inquisitive, as she learns to become more independent from her mother Jabali’s ever-watchful eye,” the Zoo’s statement says.

“Georgia has recently been seen laying in her hammock and playing with her enrichment toys all on her own, at least until her mom says playtime is over.”

Western lowland gorillas are the smallest subspecies of gorilla and are critically endangered in the wild, the statement says.

“One of the best ways to help protect gorillas in the wild is through recycling cell phones and small electronics. These devices contain a metal called coltan, which has been known to be mined illegally in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This contributes to habitat loss for forest-dwelling animals in Africa such as elephants, chimpanzees and gorillas. Recycling electronics reduces the demand to mine this type of metal, and the Zoo offers a free service allowing anyone to drop off unwanted electronics at Guest Services to recycle them for free. For more information about coltan mining, and how you can help reduce the demand for coltan, visit www.eco-cell.com.”

To read the birthday girl’s 2020 birth announcement and see an early video, click here.


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