Hogle Zoo zebra name selected

The Hogle Zoo's new zebra, Zion. Photo: Hogle Zoo

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Feb. 2, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — After thousands of name suggestions offered by the public, Hogle Zoo officials have selected a name for their new zebra.

The baby boy, born Jan. 15 to mother Ziva, will be called Zion.

“The keepers of African Savanna pored over the options and picked the name they thought best fit,” a Zoo statement says.

Zion means “highest point” and the Zoo has Hartmann’s mountain zebra. The threatened species lives at an elevation in South Africa higher than Salt Lake City, it says.

“We also love Zion National Park,” said African Savanna keeper, Michelle Olandese. “Wherever Zion ends up with the SSP (Species Survival Plan) he’ll have a connection to Utah.”

Plus, it’s a “Z” name, to go with zebra, the statement said, and alliterations are almost always admired.

“Thank you to the community for all the suggestions and welcome to the herd, Zion,” the naming announcement says.

Zion is out daily with his mother, weather permitting. Hogle Zoo is open daily, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Timed entry tickets much be reserved in advance at www.hoglezoo.org.

Zion with mother Ziva. Photo: Hogle Zoo


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