Hyrum man booked into jail on 10 felony charges of crime against minor

Zachary Oakden. Photo: Cache County

HYRUM, Utah, Dec. 30, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Hyrum man was booked into the Cache County Jail Tuesday on multiple felony counts of exploitation of a minor.

Zachary Taylor Oakden, 26, faces 10 counts of the second-degree felony.

A probable cause statement filed in the case by the Cache County Sheriff’s Office states that reports came in of child pornography linked with Google accounts associated with Oakden.

“The video depicts a male Zachary Oakden hiding a camera in a bathroom,” the probable cause statement says. “Zachary leaves the bathroom and a female identified as a 16 year old is observed coming into the bathroom and fully disrobing and getting in the shower.

“A short time later the girl gets out of the shower and gets dressed. Zachary is then again observed coming into the bathroom and retrieving what appears to be the hidden cellular phone and turning off the video.”

On Oct. 29, an officer of the CCSO contacted Oakden at his home and took him into custody, the statement says.

“Zachary requested an attorney and was not questioned. I asked Zachary for consent to search his cellular phone in an attempt to retrieve the original video as it appears the video is made from a cellular phone. Zachary requested that I get a search warrant to view his phone.

“Where the video was located on Zachary’s Google photo account his cellular phone would have access to these photographs and video evidence,” the probable cause statement says. “A search warrant was granted and a search of Zachary’s cell phone produced at least 10 nude images of minors.”

Oakden currently is being held without bail.


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