Injured mountain biker rescued by first responders from Mapleton, transported to Primary Children’s Hospital

Image: Mapleton Fire & Rescue

MAPLETON, Utah, March 24, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Mapleton Fire & Rescue and other nearby agencies responded to the scene Monday night when a report came in about “a severely injured” mountain biker in the area of Whiting Campground.

“Mapleton Fire and Police used our public safety side by side to rapidly access the patient who was on a trail approximately a third of a mile west of the campground,” a social media post from Mapleton Fire & Rescue says.

“Mapleton Fire Paramedics worked to stabilize and transport the patient to an awaiting Life Flight helicopter.”

The patient was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital for treatment, the post says. No information about the the patient of that person’s condition was released.

“Special thanks to the Utah County Sheriff and Intermountain Life Flight crews for their awesome teamwork tonight,!” the Mapleton Fire & Rescue post says.

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