Intermountain Healthcare aims to test up to 8K people for COVID-19 Friday

COVID-19 virus illustration. Image: Pixabay/Geralt

UTAH, Jan. 5, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Intermountain Healthcare says it is aiming to test up to 8,000 people for COVID-19 Friday.

“On Jan. 8, we’re opening up COVID-19 tests at select Intermountain facilities across the state to anyone interested in supporting a multi-state testing event,” Intermountain Healthcare said on Facebook. “The goal is to test up to 8,000 people in one day — and that means anyone at least 18 years old and has a smartphone is welcome.”

IHC says the tests will be administered at the Sorenson Education Center at Utah Valley Hospital at 1034 N. 500 West in Provo, the soccer fields behind Orem Community Hospital at 331 N. 400 West in Orem, Intermountain Employee Services Center at 5245 College Drive in Murray and the McKay-Dee Hospital Education Center at 4401 Harrison Blvd. in Ogden.

The one-day collection event is a free test and insurance information will not be collected, IHC stated.

Collection will be through a self-administered nasal swab, and results will be returned electronically to all participants the next day on Saturday, Jan. 9.

“The goal of this COVID-19 testing demonstration project is to demonstrate the ability to rapidly result tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests from a single lab in a short time-frame,” IHC stated.

To sign up for the testing event click here.


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