Two People Flown To Hospital After Rolling Vehicle on I-80 At 100 MPH

Rolling Vehicle on I-80
Photo: Gephardt Daily Staff

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 26, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Two people who crashed while traveling close to 100 mph were flown to the hospital after rolling their vehicle on I-80 Saturday night.

Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Beau Mason said a trooper had stopped the vehicle for speeding on I-80 near 7200 West just prior to the accident, but the male driver and his female passenger took off after giving him what he suspected was false identification.

“The suspects left the scene and a pursuit was initiated but terminated quickly by the trooper for safety,” Mason said. “As the vehicle approached 5600 West, the driver lost controlled and rolled.”

Mason said both occupants were very seriously injured.

“Both were transported by medical helicopter to the hospital,” Mason said. “The female is in serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries and the male driver was critically injured.”

The identity of the two is still not known, but Mason said they both appear to be in their 30s.

I-80 was expected to be closed for a couple of hours and traffic was being diverted to 5600 West.


  1. Why is he shouldering all that guilt when he did nothing wrong, he should put the blame where it belongs, on the suspect. Unless he’s thinking, Omg I now just got a ton of paperwork!

    • I doubt that it’s guilt he’s experiencing, as much as grief that anyone was injured; and relief that only the runner’s were harmed. It’s difficult to see mangled bodies regardless of responsibility.

  2. He probably needed a moment. Anytime you see anyone hurt badly , it stays in you mind a very very long time. What alot of people forget lately, Cop are human, have family’s and empathy. Their heart hurt also.

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