Iron County Sheriff’s office posts emotional end-of-duty call

Retiring Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower. Image: video screengrab

CEDAR CITY, Utah, Jan. 2, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — “You’re not allowed to film this,” said Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower said, dabbing at his eyes, perhaps a little self-conscious.

Gower was preparing for the end-of-duty radio call that would mark the beginning of his retirement. Taking over sheriff duties will be former Parowan Police Chief Ken Carpenter, but that wouldn’t happen before the simple ceremony, an appreciation of the departing lawman’s service.

On Wednesday, Gower — seated in his patrol vehicle with all the intrusive cell phones still pointed right at him — wiped his eyes one more time, then announced that he was “just going to do this.” Gower then radioed dispatch, saying “1042,” police code for end of watch.

A male dispatcher’s voice crackled back over the radio, thanking Gower for 31 years of service to Iron County.

“Sheriff Gowan, you are an inspiration and a hero,” the dispatcher said. “You have served this community with honor, integrity and selfless service. It is an honor to recognize your final 1042, and we, here, too, in dispatch, would like to express our appreciation for your service and friendship. We wish you all the best in the future. Take care, sir.”

The 1042 call was a rare scene, rarely observed by the general public outside an officer’s funeral. Also somewhat rare was a show of emotion by a law officer, for whom putting on a brave face is almost part of the job description.

But, luckily for those who appreciate officers and their sacrifice and service, someone holding one of those cameras shared the emotional video to Facebook.

See it below.

Sheriff Gower’s final 10-42 (checking off duty).

Posted by Iron County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, January 2, 2019


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