Utah man begs for life during Venezuelan prison riot; Rep. Mia Love says he is safe for now

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CARACAS, Venezuela, May 16, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Former LDS Missionary Josh Holt, imprisoned in a Venezuelan prison since 2016, took to social media Wednesday to beg for help as prisoners took over parts of his facility.

“Helicoide the prison where I am at has fallen the guards are here and people are trying to break in my room and kill me,” said Holt, 26, in a video.

“I need help. So they’ve taken the entire prison where I’m at. The people have taken the entire prison. They are outside. They are trying to break in. They are saying that they want to kill me. They are saying they want me as a guarantee. I need help.”

Utah Rep. Mia Love later posted a statement saying the Holt was confirmed safe for the time being. See it below:

Today, I learned Josh Holt was enduring a riot situation in his Venezuelan jail. I quickly issued this statement:

“This afternoon, my office confirmed that the Venezuelan jail where Joshua Holt is being held was being threatened by riots and violence. I am extremely concerned about this situation, but have been assured that Josh is safe at this time. Immediately upon hearing what happened, I responded to his heartbreaking pleas for help with a personal phone call to Secr

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Holt traveled to Venezuela to marry his fiancee and now wife, Thamara “Thamy” Caleno. They were arrested in June of 2016 on suspicion of illegally possessing weapons.
Holt and his family say the accusations are not true, and he was set up so the Venezuelan government would have a pawn that would allow it to bargain with the United States regarding economic sanctions.
Politicians including Love and Sen. Orrin Hatch have intervened on Holt’s behalf.
Josh Holt and Thamy Caleno. Image: Facebook


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