Jub Jub Does Away With Fears

Happy and Sad Clown - Gephardt Daily
Jub Jub Helps You Get Over Fears

Jub Jub Does Away With Fears

“Even if it’s a nice clown versus a scary clown, I just don’t like it,” Jasmine Jones said.

So Gephardt Daily asked Jasmine to confront her fears, with our help, and with the help of a friend.

That friend is Jub Jub, a professional clown, master balloon artist, magician and member of the Utah Jester’s clown alley. Jub Jub understands the fear that that comes with his occupation.

“This is a phobia,” said Jub Jub. “These people people are absolutely scared.”

Jub Jub has experienced the prejudice that people feels toward him, but Jub Jub is also a crusader who is not content to sit at the bottom of the Volkswagen all of his life.

Jub Jub and Jones got together for a one-on-one discussion mediated by Gephardt Daily.

“You’re not scared of me?” Jub Jub asked Jones, in a slightly high pitched and squeaky voice. Jones nervously acknowledged that she was, in fact, a little bit scared.

JubJub talked about his skills as a magician, and made Jasmine her very own flower out of balloons.  By the end of the discussion, real progress had been made. If only all of the world’s problems were this easy to solve.

Do you suffer from a phobia? Let us know in the comments below (we have a giant spider who is just dying to change people’s minds about him).



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Happy and Sad Clown - Gephardt Daily
Jub Jub Helps You Get Over Fears

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