Kaysville fire crews called to assist police officer who choked eating lunch

Photo Courtesy: Kaysville Fire Department

KAYSVILLE, Utah, Nov. 7, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Kaysville fire crews were called to assist a police officer who choked while eating lunch Thursday.

“Earlier today we were dispatched on a call that we never want to be sent on: a police officer having a life-threatening medical emergency,” said a Facebook post from Kaysville Fire Department.

“One of our Kaysville Police Department officers choked while eating lunch, leaving him with a full airway obstruction and the inability to breath.”

After calling for emergency medical crews, his fellow officers went to work and were able to successfully clear the obstruction by performing several rounds of the Heimlich maneuver, the post said.

“We want to recognize Lt. McKinnon and Officer Jensen for their lifesaving actions today; they both did a great job in a high stress situation!” the post added. “We’re happy to report that the officer is doing well! We may joke a lot with the PD, but we truly do love our brothers and sisters there and we’re grateful for the great working relationship that we have together!”


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