Layton City Police: Suspect arrested after injuring bail enforcement officer, fleeing with Taser

Layton Police car. File photo: Gephardt Daily/Nancy Van Valkenburg

LAYTON, Utah, Dec. 26, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A man was taken into custody Thursday after he allegedly assaulted a bail enforcement officer and left the scene with a Taser.

Suspect Aaron Michael Uhl, 39, faces charges of:

  • Robbery, a second-degree felony
  • And assault with substantial bodily injury, a class A misdemeanor

Two agents had gone to the Comfort Inn in Layton to take Uhl into custody.

“While agents were taking him into custody, Aaron was Tased,” the suspect’s probable cause statement says. “Following the Taser deployment, Aaron removed the probes and continued to resist apprehension. Aaron then pushed one of the two bail enforcement agents down the stairs which caused him to hit his head against the wall. The agent reported that this caused him to become dizzy and disoriented for approximately 10 seconds.”

The bail enforcement agent “tried to Tase Aaron a second time by method of drive stun, which does not incapacitate an individual. During this taser exposure, Aaron was able to reach behind him and take the taser away from the bail enforcement agent by force.”

One of the two agents was able to cuff Uhl’s left hand before he broke away and fled, says the affidavit, filed by an officer of the Layton City Police Department. Uhl was wearing a ripped gray shirt, dark-colored underwear, and the handcuff, the statement says.

“Aaron was located by the use of a scent tracking K-9 a few blocks south of the reported address. When Aaron was located during arrest an Axon Taser was located on the ground approximately six inches away from him… He was also found in the described clothing, with a handcuff around his left wrist.”

Post Miranda, Uhl said the Taser found near him was his own, which he had previously bought for $300. The model retails for $1,000 and often requires a law enforcement ID to purchase, the statement says.

“Video of the incident was captured by hotel security cameras, and the events seen are the ones detailed by bail enforcement,” the LCPD officer’s statement says.

Uhl was ordered held without bail in the Davis County jail, where he remained as of Sunday morning.

In a December 2020 case pending out of Ogden, Uhl faces seven felony charges related to forgery and unlawful acquisition/possession/transfer of financial cards, among other charges.


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