Layton police arrest 2 robbery suspects after multi-hour standoff

File photo: Pond5

According to Layton police, the incident began after two men arranged to meet at a fast-food restaurant, where one man was to buy a cellphone the other had listed online.

When the men met to make the exchange, the supposed seller had another man with him, and convinced the 19-year-old buyer to get in their car. The two men then robbed the 19-year-old at gunpoint, police say.

The 19-year-old escaped the car, called police, and told them the name of the man who he said robbed him.

The name was familiar to law enforcement officials, so they went to the alleged robber’s apartment at the Stonehenge Apartment complex. A woman and two young children also were inside.

A standoff lasted several hours. One male suspect was taken into custody, and the woman and children were released before the second man was arrested at about 5 p.m.

In custody are 20-year-old Hayden Woods and 29-year-old Mitchell Tarbox.

It was not immediately clear if both men had been in the same apartment, or which man had placed the ad.



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