LDS Church Pres. Russell M. Nelson leaves Middle East after bombing of Syria

Pres. Russell M. Nelson (inset) and the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Photos: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

“President Nelson has left Jerusalem ahead of schedule,” said a statement from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Due to concerns pertaining to tension in the region, and available airspace, he and Sister Nelson departed after today’s district conference.”

Nelson, 93, wife Wendy Nelson, and Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland and wife Patricia, have begun “the Africa portion of this trip sooner than planned,” according to a statement.

Nelson originally planned to travel to Africa, Europe and Asia between now and April 23, when the tour concludes, according to information released by the Church. The trip began Tuesday, April 10.

The United States, Great Britain and France launched the airstrike in response to reports of chemical weapons attacks by the Bashar Assad regime. The airstrike reportedly targeted chemical weapons facilities.



  1. These stories are the worst, the ones without closure. It must be devastating for the family. I sincerely hope they will have an answer soon.


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