Logan man arrested on 20 felony charges including forgery, money laundering

Omar Carrillo-DelCruz. Photo: Cache County

CACHE COUNTY, Utah, Dec. 12, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A 33-year-old Logan man has been arrested in Cache County and charged with multiple counts of felony forgery and money laundering.

Omar Carrillo-Delacruz was booked into Cache County Jail Wednesday on suspicion of:

  • Three counts of money laundering, a second-degree felony
  • Two counts of unlawful use of a financial transaction card, a third-degree felony
  • Fifteen counts of forgery, a third-degree felony
  • Possession of another’s identity documents, a class A misdemeanor

A probable cause statement filed by an officer of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office says the arrests came after a lengthy investigation “in a criminal conspiracy of at least three individuals producing counterfeit U.S. currency.”

Warrants were served on the residence and cell phone of Carrillo-Delacruz, his vehicle, his residence and his cell phones. Two other suspects implicated Carrillo-Delacruz in verbal and written statements, the officer’s statement says.

One of them “indicates that he has been producing counterfeit currency for quite some time using photocopier/printers, cotton paper and colored ink,” it says. She “stated that Omar had asked her to buy ink for the printers. Three photos of matching printer cartridges were found on (her) phone. When arrested, (she) had counterfeit currency in her possession on at least three occasions.”

A search of a Lewiston residence where Carrillo-Delacruz lived briefly, examined under warrant, found four printers, cotton paper, a paper cutter, counterfeit pens, and more than $100 in counterfeit currency, the statement says. The fake money was found in green bags and totes.

A search of Carrillo-Delacruz’s Logan residence turned up identical green bags and totes, the statement says.

The female suspect mentioned above “alleges that after the first search warrant, Omar placed the items in the home believing it would not be searched again,” the probable cause statement says.

Phone messages linking Carrillo-Delacruz and the female suspect, who is reportedly facing the same charges, was found during forensic extraction.

The search of Carrillo-Delacruz’s residence also turned up seven counterfeit $5 bills. He was arrested earlier Wednesday at Walmart in Logan, and a counterfeit $5 bill was found in his possession.

“Omar assured me that he found it at the carwash three days ago and only kept it out of curiosity,” the deputy’s probable cause statement says.

An ID belonging to a deceased person was found in Carrillo-Delacruz’s possession. Credit cards and a checkbook found in the suspect’s possession also belonged to others, the statement said.

The names of the female suspect and a third suspect of non-specified gender were not listed in Carrillo-Delacruz’s probable cause statement.

“Omar told me he has not been working for about two years,” the statement says. “It is believed he has been using counterfeit currency to supplement his income.”

Carrillo-Delacruz is being held without bail.


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