Lone Peak police warn of ‘Mexican Drug Cartel’ text scam

HIGHLAND, Utah, Oct. 28, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Lone Peak police are warning of a text scam doing the rounds.

“An officer was dispatched on a threats detail,” said a Facebook post from Lone Peak Police Department, which serves the communities of Highland and Alpine. “A citizen reported receiving threatening texts from the ‘Mexican Drug Cartel.’ The text included graphic photographs of people killed, accurate references to the citizen’s family and a demand for money.”

This is a new scam and occurring nationally, the post said.

“It can be scary receiving this text,” the post said. “This is being perpetrated from people outside the country in most cases and an empty threat used to extort money from people. If you receive this text do not engage a conversation with the scammer and notify your local law enforcement agency.”

Lone Peak police can be reached by calling 801-756-9800.


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