Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox posts telling picture after Jon Huntsman announces his run for governor’s office

Drawing of David and Goliath. Source: Spencer Cox/Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Nov. 15, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — So, just how does Lt. Governor Spencer Cox feel about his upcoming election battle for the governor’s office with Jon Huntsman Jr., who is a former Utah governor, three-time ambassador, and world-famous political celebrity?

Cox, who is 44 and had been the frontrunner, doesn’t say on his Twitter feed, but he does leave a subtle hint: An artist’s depiction of the biblical story of underdog David facing the obviously stronger Goliath.

Cox posted the images at 8:01 a.m. Thursday, just after Huntsman, 59, confirmed his 2020 bid to return to the governor’s office.

Cox added no explanation, but his followers seemed to catch his drift.

“You’ve got this. You’ve got us,” the first responder wrote.

“The only thing he has that you don’t is hair,” the second wrote.

“But it’s AMAZING hair. Truly,” Cox responded.

Left, Jon Huntsman Jr. Photo: Kevin Dietsch/UPI. Right, Spencer Cox. Photo: Utah House of Representatives/Flickr

“You have my full support and I will campaign for you tirelessly!!! #teamcox,” another follower wrote.

“Huntsman was a great gov, and would be a good gov, but @SpencerJCox seems more in touch now,” another poster said. “He’s not perfect, but as close as you can get as a politician. Moderate, kind, levelheaded, and understands the needs of the people. My vote is with him.”

“I doubt he fully understands who he is going up against. He’s not going up against @SpencerJCox, he’s going up against the people,” ” another poster wrote. “There has never been a Lt. Gov as close to the people as you and because of that, the mountain he faces is much larger than it appears.”

“You got this man!,” another wrote. “Me and thousands upon thousands of others have come across, and fallen in love with your message, and we sure as hell are gonna make ourselves heard at the polls.”

To be fair, many in the Twitterverse, also stated their support for Huntsman, citing his broad experience and leadership skills. Others, posting on their own pages, expressed their opinion that no candidate has a better grasp of what is happening in Utah right now than does Cox.

And many stated that the race just got a whole lot more interesting.


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