Mom Writes Letter From Point Of View Of Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith: “I Wanted A Future”

Macin Smith
St. George teenager Macin Smith, who has been missing since September. Photo Courtesy: Macin Smith Family

ST. GEORGE, Utah, March 22, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — The mom of missing St. George teen Macin Smith has written a letter from his point of view as the seven month anniversary of his disappearance approaches.

Macin, 17, walked away from his home Sept. 1 when his parents, Tracey Bratt-Smith and Darrin Smith, thought he was on his way to school. Macin left behind his cell phone, wallet and laptop. He did leave a note, which his parents discovered a week later, but its contents have never been fully disclosed.

Early indications were that Macin might have headed to Las Vegas, but that was never confirmed, and other possible sightings have not proved credible.

His family has worked tirelessly with professional search organizations and police to bring Macin home. On the five month anniversary of his disappearance, his family announced a new flyer would be distributed that offered a $10,000 reward for his safe return.

Macin’s mom and other family members have posted Facebook updates in tribute to him almost every day to the 15,339 members of the Help Find Macin Smith page on Facebook.

Tracey Bratt-Smith wrote on the Facebook page Monday:

21 March 2016

Dear Macin’s Army:

Have you seen me? I will be 18 in 17 days. I am 6’4″ and 200 lbs. I have size 14 feet. I stick out in a crowd even though I have rarely liked the spotlight. I have many family members and friends who miss me everyday.

On April 1 I will have been missing for 7 months. No one seems to know where I’ve been or what my intentions are. I love music. I love singing. I love Anime. I am an introvert. I get annoyed around large crowds. I only eat certain foods and will go without eating if I don’t have what I like. Sometimes my mom would need to remind me to eat, especially breakfast (least favorite meal).

I rarely hung out with friends. My favorite people to hang out with were my brothers and sisters. I am an uncle to 5 (2 of whom I have yet to meet). My parents think I am the greatest. They could trust me. My dad told me frequently that I had the TP (total package) good looks, nice voice, intelligence and strong body. My mom hugged me almost everyday and told me often that she loved me, especially when she said good night.

My mom believed I could be anything I wanted. I wanted a future. I wanted a wife and 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls). Please help me. So many tears have been shed on my behalf. I am somewhere. I just need help finding my way home.

Macin has light blue eyes, and he had short blond hair when he went missing.

The Smith family moved to St. George from Canada in April 2015, and Macin had been their last child living at home.

Anyone with information on Macin should contact the St. George Police Department at 435-627-4300, or David Cummings at Red Rock Search and Rescue at 702-787-4068.

Click below to watch Bill Gephardt’s exclusive interview with Tracey Bratt-Smith recorded in February.


  1. How about telling Macin that he doesn’t need to come home if he doesn’t want to and nobody is going to try to force him to.

    That you just want to know he’s safe and okay.


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