New: Magnitude 3.1 earthquake rolls through Bluffdale area

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BLUFFDALE, Utah, Feb. 23, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A minor earthquake about a mile south-southwest of Bluffdale shook things up early Saturday morning.

According to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations website, the magnitude 3.1 quake rumbled through at 2:31 a.m., at a depth of 5.6 miles. These readings were generated automatically when the quake hit.

It was felt within about 10 miles of its epicenter, according to area residents who were jolted by the temblor, many of whom called emergency dispatchers when the quake struck.

Utah has experienced dozens of earthquakes recently.

According to the U of U website, 102 earthquakes occurred in the Bluffdale area from Wednesday, Feb. 13, until noon Thursday, Feb. 21.

The largest quake during that period was a magnitude 3.7 “mainshock” at 5:09 a.m. Friday, Feb. 15.

Thirteen earthquakes occurred before the M 3.7 and are now considered to be foreshocks, the U of U website says.

“The largest foreshock, and the only one larger than M 2.0, was an M 3.2 event that occurred seven minutes before the mainshock. 88 of the earthquakes are aftershocks.”

“The largest aftershock was an M 2.5 event that occurred on Wednesday, February 20, at 8:08 pm MST,” according to the website. “There have been five aftershocks of M 2.0 and larger, including the M 2.5.”

The website also advises that, although small earthquakes occur daily in Utah and most are too small or too far from population centers to be felt, a damaging earthquake could happen at any time. Because of this, everyone who lives in Utah is encouraged to be prepared for large quakes.

For information about a handbook for Utah residents, called “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country,” click here.

Map: University of Utah Seismograph Stations



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