Man arrested after Spanish Fork wrong-way crash that ‘gravely injured’ victim

Utah Highway Patrol vehicle. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

PRICE, Utah, April 3, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A man wanted after a wrong-way collision that left another driver gravely injured has been taken into custody.

Jakob Olsson, 26, was wanted after the March 12 accident on State Route 6 near Interstate 15 in Spanish Fork, but had left shortly after being transported to Utah Valley Medical Center, where he and the critically injured victim were transported.

The crash involved three vehicles, the probable cause statement says.

“A 2017 Dodge Journey crossed the center divider and collided head-on with a Freightliner truck before colliding with the third passenger car, which was a silver Toyota Yaris,” says a probable cause statement filed by an officer of the Utah Highway Patrol.

“Two individuals involved in the crash were transported by EMS to Utah Valley Medical Center, with one being in critical condition. Upon arriving at the hospital, the suspected driver of vehicle #1 fled before Troopers could arrive. Because the suspect fled the hospital before any blood was drawn or any other treatment began, there were no biological samples to obtain from the hospital to serve as evidence.”

The driver of the Toyota Yaris “underwent extensive surgery and is currently intubated to assist with their breathing, and is, therefore, unable to be interviewed to gain further information,” says the affidavit, filed April 2.

Olsson had told his name to hospital officials prior to leaving. The 2017 Dodge Journey was found to be registered to Olsson.

A friend of the suspect told investigators he had contacted her after the crash asking for a ride from the hospital. He then called back later asking to be picked up at a Provo grocery store, the probable cause statement says. The friend said Olsson’s nose was split open, he had a cast on his left hand, and was in a lot of pain.

On March 19, Olsson left a message for a trooper, saying “This is Jake Olsson, I thought you needed to talk to me,” the statement says.

“During my recorded conversation with Olsson, he admitted to sustaining injuries in the car crash incident in question. He also admitted to leaving the hospital with knowledge that his passenger, the victim, was gravely injured, and explained that ‘he heard from a nurse at the hospital that (the victim) was going to survive’ so he left the hospital because he was ‘getting evicted’ from his house in Nevada and needed to collect his belongings in time.'”

A search warrant was issued for Olsson’s phone, and his location was determined to be a residence in Price. He was taken into custody at a gas station in Price after a traffic stop.

Olsson now faces charges of:

  • Failure to remain at accident involving serious injury, a third-degree felony
  • Operating without insurance, a class C misdemeanor
  • Driving on wrong side of roadway, an infraction

Olsson is being held without bail.


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