Man arrested for alleged aggravated kidnapping, assault of his grandmother in Harrisville

Miguel Francisco Rendon. Photo: Weber County

HARRISVILLE, Utah, Dec. 19, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A 25-year-old man was booked into the Weber County jail after he allegedly held his grandmother in her residence against her will, and threatened to stab and kill her.

Miguel Francisco Rendon is being held on suspicion of:

  • Aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Damage/interruption of communication device, a class B misdemeanor

A probable cause statement says that on Thursday morning, a Harrisville Police officer responded to the woman’s residence on a welfare check requested by her son, who lives out of state, who said his mother was being held against her will.

An officer of the Harrisville Police Department went to the address, and was not able to make contact with the victim.

“The door was locked and blinds were drawn and I was unable to see inside the
apartment,” the officer said. “I heard no disturbances or any noises coming from inside the complex. I spoke with the son and established that there was no probable cause to enter the home.”

About two hours later, the officer was notified the victim had arrived at the Harrisville Police Station.

“She was stating that her grandson, Miguel Rendon, had been holding her against her will inside the apartment with a knife,” the probable cause statement says. “I met with the victim at the Harrisville station to conduct an interview. I was also informed that AP&P (Adult Probation & Parole) had picked up Miguel at the Burger King on 2nd Street.”

The woman said Rendon had arrived at her apartment at about 6 a.m. after he got off work.

“Miguel stated to the victim that he needed to shower and rest. The victim repeatedly told Miguel that he needed to go. The victim states that an argument ensued and that Miguel also got into an argument with his father who is out of state. Miguel started to tell the victim to stop talking to his dad. Miguel then took the victims phone away from her. The victim stated that Miguel told her, she had to do what he said ‘or else.'”

When the officer had arrived earlier for the welfare check, the woman said, the suspect blocked the bedroom door to prevent her from leaving to answer the door.

“The victim stated that Miguel knew the police were outside because he looked
through the blinds. After I left the apartment, the victim said that Miguel became even more agitated.

“Miguel then retrieved a knife from the kitchen. Miguel was acting very erratic and yelling at the victim. Miguel yelled at the victim that he would stab or kill someone to prove what he was saying and that she’d better listen and do what he said. The victim stated that she was in constant fear for her life and felt that she could not leave for fear Miguel would kill her.”

The woman said it “is not the first time Miguel has talked or threatened her. The victim stated that during this incident, Miquel would point the knife at her putting her in fear for her safety. The victim sent a text message to Miguel’s probation officer with the words ‘Knife & Help’ at 10:18 hours. She immediately deleted the text from her phone right as Miguel took the phone away from her preventing her from contacting any emergency services.”

AP&P started to search for the victim and Rendon, but didn’t have a current address, the statement says.

“The victim stated that Miguel wanted her to drive him around. According to the victim, Miguel often has the victim to drive him around for what she describes as his drug dealings. The victim stated that if she refuses, Miguel says he will kill them both in the car or he will grab the steering wheel and wreck the car. The victim states that she feels threatened by Miguel and that he will carry out his threats to prove what he is capable of doing.

“The victim felt that this would be her only way to get away from Miguel safely. The victim stated that she drove Miguel to the Burger King on 2nd street. Miguel exited the vehicle and went inside. The victim immediately left and called Miguel’s probation officer.”

AP&P arrived and took Rendon into custody, and transported him to jail, where he was initially booked on a probation violation, and placed on a 72-hold.

Rendon is being held without bail due to a history of drugs and drug affiliations, and because of threats made to the victim, the probable cause statement says.


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