Man booked on suspicion of murder after shooting death of woman in Provo

Michael Taylor Robinson (inset) has been arrested for murder after the shooting death of Freya Larsen at this Provo residence. Photos: Provo City Police; Utah County

PROVO, Utah, May 8, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A suspect is facing a charge of murder, a first-degree felony, after a 27-year-old woman was shot in the head Tuesday in Provo and subsequently died.

Officials have identified the victim as Provo resident Freya Larsen.

A probable cause statement from Utah County said Michael Taylor Robinson, also 27, was transported to Utah County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

The statement said that Robinson and the victim had been in an altercation at an address in the area of 370 E. Center St. in Provo at approximately 4 p.m. The two of them were in the living room at the victim’s apartment.

Robinson pulled out a .380 black handgun that he owned and was carrying at the time, the statement said.

“He pointed the gun at the victim as she stood near the front door and pulled the trigger,” the statement said. “Michael shot the victim one time in the head on the right side. The victim fell to the ground in the corner of the room next to the door.”

After shooting the victim in the head, Michael called 911 for assistance and during the call he made the statement that “she scared him and he shot her,” the statement went on.

“He also stated that they were fighting and she told him she was going to kill him and she was mad at him,” the statement said. “He also made the statement later that he shot her, but it was an accident.”

The victim was transported to the hospital where she died as a result of the gunshot wound.

In the home the only accessible weapon that was located near the victim or the suspect was the pistol that was allegedly used by Robinson to shoot the victim.

“Two other handguns were located at the crime scene, but they were both packed away in a moving box, one was in a gun case and the other unloaded in a holster at the bottom of the moving box,” the statement said. “The gun that was used was loaded and Michael also had two additional loaded magazines including an extended magazine that holds several additional bullets.”

Family had reported that on April 21 of this year, Robinson and the victim had been in an altercation and the suspect had pulled the same gun out on the victim and held it to her head. She did not make a report at that time, but had planned on making the report after she had moved to Chicago. The victim’s sister reported this incident to police, but did not provide the victim or Robinson’s name to officers for follow up.

Family also advised that two days ago, Michael and the victim had been in another altercation where he had pushed her out of a vehicle causing bruising, the statement said. On the body of the victim were several large bruises including one that went across the back of her calf.

Robinson was brought to the Provo Police Department to be interviewed by detectives after the incident in the vehicle. The suspect requested to speak to a lawyer and so no further questions were asked.

Michael Taylor Robinson. Photo: Utah County


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