Update: Man who died when crushed between moving wrecker, parked RV identified

File photo: Pond5

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Aug. 22, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A Salt Lake City man who died Sunday night when he attempted to get back into a wrecker that started slowly moving after he got out of it has been identified.

Salt Lake City police Sgt. Brandon Shearer said Monday Tommy Zamora, who is approximately 47, and from the Salt Lake area, died in the accident.

Salt Lake City police were called to Bullock’s Towing, 5445 W. Shea Drive, at 8:55 p.m., SPCPD Lt. Craig Gleason said. He wasn’t certain how much time had elapsed between the accident and when the 911 call was made because of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Gleason said the man’s girlfriend called in the emergency. She was extremely distraught — “almost in a panic,” Gleason said — and had difficulty explaining what had happened when police arrived.

Surveillance video was available, however, and police were able to see how events unfolded.

“(The man) gets out of the wrecker and is having a conversation with someone, we assume the girlfriend,” Gleason said. “Behind him, the wrecker starts moving, it picks up speed, and he goes after it to stop it.”

The wrecker was moving slowly enough for the man to catch up with it, but it was also moving toward a parked RV and was almost within an inch of it when the man tried to leap into the wrecker and was crushed between the door and the RV, Gleason said.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Zamora had lived in the Salt Lake City area for many years and had worked at Bullock’s Towing for the past two years or longer, Gleason said.


  1. Every day goes by Tommy and not one of them goes by without thinking about you. I’ve read your text messages over and over again expecially the last one that say you wanted to take us all the way to the end and even though you had said that the day before I feel even though your gone its not the end.. You left me behind… I think about our arguments and everything that we had said to each other and I wanted so bad for you just to put your arms around me whispering everything is going to be alright. I want to hear your voice. I just want you. Everytime I wanna give up I remember what you asked me “why are people scared to do what they wanna do. What stops them” well I wasn’t scared to do it then .. I had you..i love you Tommy and I’m sorry for being so damned stubborn and wasting the time I could of spent with you. I miss you more everyday and things aren’t the same without you. I forgive you Tommy for all the wrongs that happened between us.. Now it’s my turn to say I will love you till the day I die and I pray to god it’s you I’ll see when I come home.. Rest in peace babe.. I’ll never let you go.. And instead of thinking that no one loved or cared about you i hope u can look down on the ones and see who truly did…

  2. Why did physco Sara aka sara reifenberger aka sara tomac not call for help immediately instead of trying to pull the heavy tow truck with her car and then go get help. Puzzing why she didn’t call for help knowing they were equipped to help him in any circumstances

  3. Corrections on last comment: Why didn’t Physco Sara aka Sara Reifenberger aka Sara Tomac aka Misty Logan not call for help immediately after the accident instead of trying to pull the heavy tow truck with her car and then go get help. Why didn’t she call for help knowing that they are equipped to handle situations like that.It’s very puzzling why that happened

  4. You know where í live and you know my phone number.Í was just asking why you did’t call for help instantly. Maybe things wouldn’t be the way they are his children and grandkids and his family and myself wouldn’t be without him. Í totally understand that you wanted to help him and you did everything in your power to help him but you weren’t equipped to help him.Í couldn’t even imagine what was going on through your mind í know you wanted to save him but you had no means to.Í am not accusing you with nothing so why the lawyer threat? Í pray daily that he’s dancing in the sky and singing in the Angels choir and enjoying paradise. You might of been with him but his heart never left me. When he’s looking down on us í know he sees the void that he’s left upon us. Glad to see your moving right along getting rid of his belongings already. People grief differently í should’t speak on that. One more question were the pictures taken before or after the call for help? Feel free to give your lawyer my info would be more than happy to talk to him and why your threatening me with him í am just puzzled of the situation and í have every right to be.Í’m not accusing you of anything and í will be requesting to watch the video its public knowledge or will be. Take care of yourself and word from the wise get Professional help to help you get through this í can’t even imagine what you seen help yourself Tommy would really want you to do that and he seen how you tried to help him bye Sara í only wish the best for you


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