Man jailed after alleged abuse of baby girl in Weber County

Weber County Sheriff's Office. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Nancy Van Valkenburg

WEBER COUNTY, Utah, Nov.6, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A 29-year-old man was booked into the Weber County jail Thursday for felony child abuse after the critical injury of a 7-month old baby girl.

Thurman Rodger Hathale, whose last name is also given as Hathale-Valenzuela, was booked on the second-degree felony after “inflicting serious physical injury intentionally,” his probable cause statement says.

The baby “was taken to Ogden Regional Hospital for being fussy and possibly having a fever due to her feeling very warm and sweating,” Hathale’s probable cause statement says.

“While at the hospital (the baby) was found to have a broken femur, a bucket fracture tibia and bleeding on the brain.”

The child’s mother and Hathale, were told to “get her to Primary Children’s Hospital for further care. Police was contacted by Primary Children’s Hospital and informed of the injuries (the baby) had sustained and believed it to be suspicious.”

Thurman had told medical staff that he accidentally dropped the baby girl when he was getting her out of the stroller.

“Thurman stated that he picked (the baby) up in her blanket and as he went to get a better grip she slipped out of the blanket, at which point he grabbed her wrist and ankle in an attempt to catch her,” the probable cause statement says.

“Thurman stated (the baby’s) wrist slipped out of his hand and he felt the position he had grabbed her leg would hurt her more so he panicked and dropped her. Thurman stated when (the baby) hit the ground she landed on her hip, then her leg was slightly bent behind her and then fell back and hit her head.”

Safe and Healthy Family Doctors assessed (the baby’s) injuries and confirmed that the the baby girl’s injuries were not cause by her being dropped or a fall, the statement says.

“Due to the extent of injury it was determined that a good amount of force would have been what caused a spiral fracture to(the baby’s) femur as well as the bucket handle fracture to (the baby’s) tibia as the bones were completely separated. It was also determined the bleeding in the brain happened prior to the fractures showing that there has been separate incidents where these injuries had occurred.

Thurman and the baby’s mother were interviewed, and said they were the sole caregivers of the baby girl.

Thurman stuck by his account. The baby’s mother said she was unaware the child had been injured prior to her fussiness and fever.

“Thurman claims that he only dropped (the baby) but due to the extreme nature of the injuries and the type of injuries they are not consistent with being dropped or a fall and would require force,” says the probable cause statement, filed by an officer of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Also (the baby) showing bleeding on the brain that had happened prior to the fractures shows a pattern of force being used on (the baby) to cause injury. Thurman is being charged with Felony 2 Child Abuse with serious bodily injury.”

Hathale is being held without bail. The baby and her twin sister have been put into the custody of a family member, the statement says.


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