Man jailed after answering dispatch return call on dropped 911 call, requesting ambulance in Cedar City

File Photo: Gephardt Daily

CEDAR CITY, Utah, Dec. 26, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A man has been booked into jail after dispatch returned a dropped 911 call, and he asked the operator to send an ambulance for his ex-girlfriend.

Gephardt Daily is not releasing the name of the suspect, who is in his 30s, to protect the identity and privacy of the victim.

The initial call came to dispatch at 11:33 p.m. Dec. 23 from a Cedar City residence.

“Upon callback a male … answered and requested an ambulance for his ex-girlfriend, who was knocked unconscious on the floor,” says the man’s probable cause statement, filed by an officer of the Iron County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect “stated he pushed his ex and knocked her to the ground causing her to lose consciousness.”

The scene

Officers met the suspect outside the residence, and noted he had bloodshot eyes and the odor of alcohol. He also had what appeared to be dried blood on the palm of his right hand.

“Deputies made contact with the female at the back of the residence,” the affidavit says. “The female answered the door and had dried blood around her nose and chin. Upon entering the residence there was numerous broken glasses and a broken vase located all over the floor.”

The victim said she and the suspect were arguing and “she was knocked down and drug across the floor in the dining room before being knocked unconscious in the laundry room.” She said when she regained consciousness, the suspect was standing over her on the phone with 911, the statement says.

The arrest

The suspect “is being charged with aggravated assault due to the use of unlawful force or violence that is likely to produce a loss of consciousness from force likely to produce death or serious bodily injury,” the statement says. “The victim stated she has had two previous concussions in the past and it is very dangerous for her to receive another one.”

The charge, aggravated assault, act committed with force/violence to injure is a third-degree felony.

They suspect is being held without bail in the Iron County jail.


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