Car’s dramatic 360 degree spin, unlikely recovery on I-80 in Summit County, caught on camera


SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah, July 6, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Caleb Allen was driving near Summit County’s Kimball Junction when a station wagon appeared feet in front of him, and did a dramatic 360 spin, wheels smoking, barely avoiding a major accident at highway speeds.

The result is Allen’s YouTube video, which has now been shared by media outlets in America and abroad. It is titled “How to drift in a station wagon ….”

“… but maybe don’t try it on the freeway,” Allen commented on his own post.

“My dashcam’s audio recording had been disabled when this happened,” he wrote on his YouTube posts, one with sound and one without.

“Luckily, I happened to be recording a voice memo on my phone when this happened, and this was my best attempt to sync up the two,” Allen wrote.

The video shows a small white station wagon sliding diagonally in front of Allen’s car, sliding sideways on its tires, and making a full turn before correcting to a forward path on the roadway.

“Awesome lane changing technique,” one viewer commented.

“Station wagon driver is super lucky that he was able to stop the car,” said another.

“Scary and totally immature,” said a third. “I have to admit that driver is very skilled. Happy ending.”

In comments, Allen confirmed that the video was shot on eastbound Interstate 80, a few miles west of Kimball Junction.

As of Saturday, his two posts, one put up Wednesday and the other on Friday, had been viewed more than 71,500 times.

Allen granted Gephardt Daily permission to share the video.


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