Man questioned in murder of Moab newlyweds Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner

Photo: Gephardt Daily/Facebook

MOAB, Utah, Feb. 22, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A recently unsealed search warrant reveals that a Moab area man has been questioned about the fatal shooting of newlyweds Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

Investigators have not arrested the man or publicly identified him as a suspect, so Gephardt Daily will not release his name.

Court documents say that the 27-year-old man was stopped for a possible traffic violation several days after Shulte and Turner were last seen. Their bullet-riddled bodies were found in a stream near their campsite, off La Sal Loop Road on Aug. 18.

The officer who stopped the man said he did not cite him for a violation, but did note the subject “acted oddly for being pulled over for speeding almost a combination of euphoria and that he had been caught doing something wrong.”

The subject was later interviewed at his workplace and his “demeanor was similar to people that I have had interactions with who had untreated mental health issues. (The man) would often make vague references when asked direct questions, stare vacantly at the person talking to him, and answer in non-committal ways,” wrote the officer who filed the warrant request.

Asked if he knew Schulte or Turner, the man said he had interacted with them at his workplace, the statement says. Asked if he had killed the women, “he said he had not,” the warrant says. The man denied knowing Schulte and Turner were married, and indicated he had no problem with gay people. He also told the interviewing officer he was a straight man and, after more “rambling,” said “he often didn’t find women attractive.”

The man also said he had seen Schulte and Turner at the local McDonald’s when he went in for fries. Turner worked at that McDonald’s, and she and Schulte often slept in a van in the parking lot.

Officers interviewed a woman who had worked with the man who was questioned, and she told them he had “claimed to be able to hear other people’s voices,” and said when she told him of Schulte and Turner’s death, “his reaction was somewhat indifferent, but with a small amount of shock,” the warrant document says.

The man told officers he normally slept at a La Sal Loop Road location. That site was a few miles from the Schulte/Turner campsite. The man said he could not account for his whereabouts on the weekend after Schulte and Turner were last seen.

Officials found the site where the man said he usually slept, and found blankets that appeared to have blood stains, but which had been rained on, possibly compromising evidence, the statement says.

Gephardt Daily will have additional information on the murder investigation as the case develops.


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