Mayor Biskupski Outlines Proposed City Budget

Mayor Jackie Biskupski
Photo: Gephardt Daily

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 4, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Mayor Jackie Biskupski has recommended a $260-million budget to the Salt Lake City Council – a proposal she says is guided by fiscal responsibility and a commitment to begin paying down lingering debt on capital projects.

“This budget recommendation provides for our city employees, prioritizes our city’s infrastructure and maintenance needs, funds programs important to Salt Lake City’s values, and makes key investments in city government operations, all in line with the vision I laid out in my State of the City address,” Biskupski said.

She said the proposed 2016-2017 budget does not raise taxes or lay off city employees. It also recommends a 50 percent increase in funding for roads.

The Mayor also spoke to these budget priorities:

• “We have reduced one-time funds used to balance the budget from a high of $7.7 million last year to $6.7 million this year. This is a multi-year effort, and a step in the right direction.”

• “When we choose to invest in large capital projects, we must also be transparent about future maintenance costs and confident we have the future revenue to cover them.”

• “We must turn our focus toward the basics. On our needs, not wants. We will focus on storm drains, sewer systems, and the roads we use to get to and from our homes and businesses.”

• “My proposed budget increases overall road and sidewalk funding by 50 percent.”

• “We are proposing an amnesty program between August and October that will allow for a one-time reduction in unpaid parking tickets – in exchange for a donation of cash or canned goods to local non-profits.”

• “If you occasionally make a mistake on a parking meter keypad, I believe you are entitled to a little relief. I am also proposing a one-time dismissal for clearly missed key entries.”

• “I am pleased to announce my choice for chief administrative officer of the RDA, Justin Belliveau, and I encourage the City Council to approve his appointment.”

Biskupski also said she will announce her choice for the city’s economic development director in the next two weeks.

To read the full budget, click here.


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