Meandering bird bests Bountiful officer

A turkey struts in front of a KFC deep fried turkey banner in Bountiful. Photo: Bountiful City Police Department

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BOUNTIFUL, Utah, Jan. 21, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — An officer of the Bountiful City Police Department, assigned to capture a wayward turkey, announced Friday he has given up.

“Some calls came in so the operation was called off,” the unnamed officer posted on Facebook. “I also now certify this turkey as uncatchable.

“It is a turkey of focus, commitment, and sheer will. We are going to let DWR deliver a trap to catch it. If you are the owner of this turkey, you need to contact me please so we can work out what will happen once it’s caught.”

The officer began posting earlier, seeking help from vigilant community members.

“Ok, where is the turkey right now? I need to know. There is a relocation mission being drawn up. But we need confirmation on where it is.”

That’s when the officer posted the original photos of the suspect, including the one by the fried turkey sales sign.

“Here’s a picture of where he was earlier, yes I’ve already checked KFC and I realize the irony of a turkey being at KFC.”

The officer promised to watch the post for any location updates citizens might post.

“It will not be deep fried, it will be relocated by DWR to be with other exploration driven turkeys.”

In the comments, posters claimed to have seen the bird at the Cricket store, by the high school, by McDonalds, near Starbucks, at Chase Bank, at Smiths and and Carl’s Jr.

And some just posted to share their enjoyment of the bird vs. cop drama.

“This seems a plot line from ‘The Andy Griffith Show,'” one man wrote. “This made my day.”

A turkey casually evades capture by a Bountiful City Police officer. Photo: BCPD


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