Millard County Sheriff warns of thefts of catalytic converters, scrap metal, copper wire

Photo: Gephardt Daily

MILLARD COUNTY, Utah, March 17, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Millard County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a “rash of thefts” involving scrap metal, copper wire, automobile catalytic converters, and other items.

“Current pricing of certain metals and materials has increased in the scrap and recycle industry which often results in the increase of theft of these items,” said a Facebook post. “As always, we feel that involving our communities in the deterrence of crime will decrease the number of potential victims. Our primary mission is to assist the community in staying safe as well as keeping every citizen’s property secure. We do this best by working together. Please consider the following in order to do so.”

  • Trail cameras and surveillance systems 

Surveillance systems help officials in the identification and prosecution of those who perpetrate these crimes, and often even help solve other crimes that happen in your area, the post said.

“Even a very simple trail camera can be very beneficial in solving these crimes,” the post added. “The cost of a surveillance system is quite reasonable now with advances in technology. Leads and arrests for ‘porch piracy’ and the likes have increased significantly statewide where even doorbell camera systems were in place. You would not need the newest form of this technology, there are trail cameras to be purchased for under 50 dollars.”

Cameras can be placed to view entrances and accesses to your property, and specific belongings you may care most about. If resources exist, coverage of the street or road is also very beneficial for the capture of vehicle imagery. Both hidden and even some visible placements are often effective in deterrence and the solving of crime, the post said.

  • Lighting

Lighting can be a very beneficial source to help deter potential criminals as it is difficult to commit crimes requiring damaging or cutting property under lights, the post said. A large number of these crimes occur in the night. “As mentioned above, technology has increased so that you could purchase lighting that turns on with motion detection or when the sun goes down for the night,” the post said. “There are also efficient lighting sources which require little power, therefore, saving on the electric bill.”

  • Community partnerships 

The best way for each of us to remain secure is to watch out for one another, the post said. If you witness suspicious activity or see a vehicle or person on your neighbor’s property that is unrecognized, reach out to your neighbor and ask them.

“If it seems very out of the ordinary you can always give us a call,” the post said. “Keep in mind, those who commit these crimes are aware of the very technologies we have emphasized here, and often surveil target locations prior to acting. Behavior such as visually searching your address by someone you do not know may be something of significance. If you feel circumstances do not warrant an emergency, please remain comfortable in contacting us on our non-emergency lines; 435-743-5302 and 435-864-2755.”


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