Millcreek man arrested after alleged assault of brother

Brett James Lockwood. Photo Courtesy: Salt Lake County Jail

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, Oct. 20, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Millcreek man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted his brother after accusing him of having sexual relations with the suspect’s girlfriend.

A probable causes statement from the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake County said Brett Lockwood, 52, is facing charges of:

  • Attempted criminal homicide, a first-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Damage/interrupt communication device, a class B misdemeanor

On Oct. 10 just after 2:40 p.m., an officer responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the area of 3160 S. 1000 East in Millcreek. It was reported that Lockwood had assaulted his brother; the two live on the same property, which has been divided into two separate living spaces.

The suspect believed his girlfriend had been having sexual relations with his brother, the statement said. The suspect allegedly located his girlfriend sleeping in his brother’s residence and confronted his brother.

“During the argument it was reported that the suspect tackled his brother to the ground and began assaulting him,” the statement said. “At some point during the physical altercation, the suspect wrapped both of his hands around the throat of his brother and began squeezing his airway causing a restriction to his breathing. His brother was able to turn his body and break the choke hold that the suspect had applied around his throat.”

The brother then allegedly armed himself with a bat and threatened to hit the suspect if the assault continued. The incident was loud enough that the next-door neighbor called the police.

The suspect and his girlfriend left together before the police arrived. The officer on scene called for medical personnel to respond, but Lockwood’s brother denied medical treatment and transport to a local hospital at the time.

The same day, just after 10:50 p.m., an officer responded to the same location on a second domestic disturbance call involving the two brothers.

It was reported that Lockwood and his girlfriend returned to the address, and the suspect accused his brother of sexually assaulting Lockwood’s girlfriend without her consent as she slept on the brother’s bed. His brother denied any type of sexual assault, and the suspect allegedly began assaulting his brother for a second time. The brother was “struck and taken to the ground” by the suspect; the brother attempted to used his cellphone to call 911. The suspect took the phone away from his brother and smashed it on the ground causing it to be inoperable. As his brother was on the ground, the suspect began kicking him as he yelled: “I’m going to kill you,” the statement said.

The neighbor, hearing the second physical altercation, called 911 again. Prior to police arriving, the suspect and his girlfriend fled the scene again in the girlfriend’s vehicle.

“As police and medical personnel arrived at the second domestic assault, they found the brother laying in the driveway in the fetal position, hardly breathing,” the statement said. He was transported to St. Mark’s Hospital. He had difficulty breathing through his crushed airway and suffered several broken ribs on the left side of his body, a punctured lung, and a broken toe from being kicked while on the ground.

The victim was interviewed on Oct. 13 at the hospital and told officers his brother has access to several firearms. The next day, officers requested and were granted a cellphone ping warrant to attempt to locate Lockwood and his girlfriend.

On Oct. 16, the cellphone ping showed the phone in the area of 3300 S. 1100 East in Millcreek, at an apartment complex that is within minutes of the brothers’ home. As detectives were responding to the area, an updated ping was received for the area of 3300 S. 2000 East in Millcreek. A detective responded to the area in an unmarked police vehicle and located a gray truck that matched the suspect vehicle description.

The detective said he could not see the plate and was attempting to hold surveillance on the vehicle. As he was doing so, the vehicle pulled out onto 3300 South and began driving westbound. Lockwood and his girlfriend were taken into custody in the area of 3200 S. 945 East in Millcreek.

After arrest, Lockwood refused to speak to officers without his attorney present. His girlfriend was allowed to leave with her vehicle; she was offered a chance to provide a statement and declined at the advice of her lawyer.

Lockwood was transported to Salt Lake County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

The suspect’s brother subsequently told officers the firearms in the home have been relocated.


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