Moab City police respond to alleged attempted abduction of 2 boys

Photo: Pond5

MOAB, Utah, March 13, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Moab City police responded to an alleged attempted abduction of two 12-year-old boys Tuesday evening.

A news release from Moab City Police Department said that at approximately 5:20 p.m an officer responded to the Grand County High School at 608 Fourth E St. on a report of an attempted abduction of the two boys.

Upon arrival the officer contacted the boys and their parents, the news release said. Both boys were visibly distraught but were able to provide the officer with statements describing the incident.

“The boys were walking on a road that leads from the middle school toward the high school on a road when a white or gray van approached them,” the news release said.

“A ‘tall and white’ man wearing black gloves exited the van and attempted to lure them into the van by offering to let them play video games.”

The students declined the offer and another man, described only as wearing white gloves, exited the van, the news release said. The men each grabbed one boy by the wrist and attempted to pull them into the van, officials said.

The boys fought the men off and then ran to the high school, where they met with one of their parents and explained what had happened.

“Officers saturated the area and searched for the van but were unable to locate it,” the news release said. “We have increased police presence at all area schools and continue to search for the van.”

The van was further described by the boys as being a “minivan or transit-style van” with Idaho license plates, with damage to the front right headlight and quarter panel. It was driven by a female, the boys said.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, the news release said.

Anyone who has information on the incident is asked to call Moab City Police on 435-259-8938.


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