Moab police warn residents about rash of scam calls

File photo: Pixabay/Diego Parra

MOAB, Utah, Sept. 24, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Moab City police officials are warning residents about a rash of scam calls.

A news release from the Moab City Police Department on Facebook said: “Our officers have taken multiple fraud calls over the last few days. The schemes the fraudsters are using are different but they all have one thing in common: the caller or emailer needs you to send them money ASAP or the police are going to come to your house and arrest you.”

In one instance, the caller stated they were an officer with the Grand County Police Department, the news release said,¬†which officials note is an agency that doesn’t exist, and that they had an arrest warrant for the call recipient.

“The ‘officer’ advised that if the warrant wasn’t paid with Google Play gift cards, the police would arrest the victim,” the news release goes on. “We’re about 101 percent confident that no police department anywhere in the world requires Google Play, Target, Ikea, iTunes, etc. gift cards for payment of fines or warrants.”

In another call, the caller identified himself as IRS agent, and told the recipient they had unpaid taxes in the amount of $5,298 and jail time was threatened.

“Bottom line: If it doesn’t sound legit, it probably isn’t,” the news release concludes. “If the caller identifies themselves as a law enforcement agent/officer, and they’re requesting money via any means, it’s probably fraud. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the call, contact the IRS or your local law enforcement agency.”

The Moab City Police Department can be reached at 435-259-8938.


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