Exclusive: Mom of missing St. George teen Macin Smith posts Christmas message: ‘May you find your way home’

Macin's mom
Tracey Bratt, mother of missing St. George teen, Macin Smith, talks about the mysterious circumstances of her son's disappearance. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Patrick Benedict

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Dec. 25, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — The mother of missing St. George teenager Macin Smith has shared an emotional Christmas message to her youngest son.

Tracey Bratt-Smith, writing on Facebook Sunday morning, said: “Our second Christmas without you. May you be safe. May you be warm. May your belly be full of yummy food. May you feel our love. May you find your way home. We all miss you more than words can say.”

Bratt-Smith and her husband Darrin Smith’s son Macin was 17 when he vanished on Sept. 1, 2015. On New Year’s Day, he will have been gone for 16 months.

Speaking exclusively to Gephardt Daily, Bratt-Smith expressed her hopes for Christmas and the New Year: “Having my family united would be a dream come true. I could not ask for more. But if not, I think creating a network for those with ‘lost’ children out there so we can support one another would be on my list. There is such a need for connection.”

On Tuesday, she also posted a heartfelt tribute to her son on Facebook.

“The inner battle for this boy became too much for him,” the post reads in part. “He sought help at times but this final time, it apparently became too much to shoulder. He obviously felt like he was utterly alone as he walked out the door of our house Tuesday Sept. 1, 2015.”

Her post begins:

Dear Macin’s Army:

“Every now and again I’m out in public and someone will ask me if I am Macin’s mom. I love that the connection between this Momma and her boy is so apparent in the community. I would shout it from the mountain tops if I could. I had the opportunity to spend 17 years with Macin Darrin Smith who came into this world as a perfect little boy. Even as a newborn, his eyes were stark blue and his face perfectly formed. He was a great baby and grew to be a happy little boy (mostly.) He had a vivid imagination and an infectious giggle. He was definitely a Momma’s boy and was quite affectionate.

“Somewhere along Macin’s journey he began to view himself as ‘broken’ and not being like anyone else. He felt ‘fake,’ like he was living a life that wasn’t his. I know this was amplified in junior high as he sustained a lot of teasing. To meet Macin, one would not have ever guessed the self doubt that was behind his smile. Perhaps, we Smiths do too good of a job at ‘faking’ our confidence.”
She goes on to speak about her hope that Macin is safe and out there somewhere.

“I pray he is still walking this Earth. I pray I will get another chance to wrap my arms around him and tell him over and over, how much he is treasured. I pray that over the holidays, connecting with loved ones takes precedence over anything else. After all, memories will be the only thing left to cling to once we are separated from this life.

“Love, The Momma”

Macin, the last of the Smith’s six children living at home, walked away from home in the early morning hours when his parents thought he was on his way to school, leaving behind his cellphone, wallet, laptop, even his school binder.

Bratt-Smith and other family members have posted Facebook updates almost every day to the Help Find Macin Smith page in the hope of bringing him home. Keith Bratt, the brother of Tracey Bratt-Smith, announced earlier this month that his aim before Christmas was to reach 20,000 followers on the Facebook page. The number of followers now stands at 25,337.

In January, Macin’s story will be featured on the Investigation Discovery Channel documentary series “Disappeared.”

Macin is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has light blue eyes and he had short blond hair when he went missing. The Smith family moved to Utah from Canada in spring 2015.

Macin did leave a note, which his parents discovered a week later folded inside his wallet. They have not released the contents, preferring to say the note contained an “intent,” which led them to believe he may have planned to harm himself.

Anyone with information about Macin is asked to call the St. George Police Department at 435-627-4300, or David Cummings at Red Rock Search and Rescue at 702-787-4068.

To watch Bill Gephardt’s August interview with Tracey Bratt-Smith and Darrin Smith, click below.


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