EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Car Fire at Holladay Apartment Complex

Multiple Car Fire at Holladay


EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Car Fire at Holladay Apartment Complex



HOLLADAY, UTAH – April 14, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Two cars were engulfed in flames at 2310 E. Arbor Lane in Holladay Tuesday afternoon.

While it is unclear how the fire started, we do know the owner of the car was told by a neighbor that her car had smoke coming from it. By the time she went in to get a fire extinguisher and return, the car was fully engulfed and 911 was called.

A  USPS postal carrier who was delivering mail heard a loud boom and ran out to see what it was “I thought at first it was my mail truck then I seen the flames coming from another car. Unfortunately it was also parked very close to another car that then caught on fire before fire crews could put it out,” said the carrier who did not want to be identified. He further stated that even though the fire department is close by, it took an unusually long amount of time for them to respond and then the weather was also a factor once they arrived.

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Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Gardiner (Gehpardt Daily)

“The wind made it difficult for them to  put out  the flames but they eventually were able to contain the fire,” said the carrier.

The second car belonged to a woman who first heard about the fire when a call came in to her mother. She only reached the scene when the flames and fire crews were gone.

The tenants in the building evacuated themselves, however one of the neighbors dogs became unresponsive and efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.


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