North Ogden officials seeks return of giant flag stolen from locked truck

Photo: Major Brent Taylor Foundation

NORTH OGDEN, Utah, Aug. 22, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — North Ogden police and Major Brent Taylor Foundation officials say the giant United States flag displayed on special occasions and at parades has been taken from a locked trailer.

“Hey, North Ogden neighbors,” the charity organization’s post begins. “Yesterday we woke up to a missing flag case — including the 30 foot by 60 foot flag that we store inside of it.”

Sixty feet is the length of a bowling lane, or just slightly shorter than a baseball pitching mound to home plate. Thirty feet is the approximate height of a three-story building.

The flag had been used on several occasions, the statement says.

“This weekend trailer was used to transport hundreds of 3 foot by 5 foot flags for the Saturday morning funeral services of a fallen Marine from West Haven. (The services were beautiful, and volunteers were able to set up 250 flags.)

“The trailer was parked and locked in North Ogden overnight Friday with those flags and the Dewalt case holding the larger flag, along with a few other items we keep on hand for flag missions. Saturday morning we awoke to find the lock on the trailer had been removed, the door was wide open, and the large case and flag were gone.”

Nothing else was taken, the statement says.

“If you have seen an abandoned case and/or flag anywhere in or around North Ogden, please let us know,” the Major Brent Taylor Foundation Facebook post says.

“Perhaps someone took it as a prank. Perhaps someone was looking for valuable power tools or something else they could sell for money, or who knows.”

North Ogden police have been notified, the statement says, “and hope that between all of us we can recover the flag.”


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