Officials ask for help identifying those littering on Utah DWR lands

Photo Courtesy: Utah DWR

UTAH, July 21, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is asking for the public’s help tracking down those who are littering on public lands.

A tweet from the Utah DWR on Tuesday said: “Your public lands are being trashed. Pictured are three DWR wildlife management areas and a fishing access point on the lower Bear River. Help us fight littering on DWR lands by watching for this type of activity and jotting down a license plate number and vehicle description.”

You can reach the Utah DWR by calling 801-538-4700.


  1. Terrible lazy disgusting behavior. I am curious about the manner in which I could I.D. the suspects. Are we hoping someone recognizes a neighbors trash? The best deterrent would be trail cams in areas known for dumping and a new law with minimum $1000 fines to $10k and possible jail time for the worst offenders.


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