Officials find abandoned campfires as firefighters report progress containing wildfires

Three of nine Weber County camp fires doused after being abandoned. Photos: Utah Fire Info

UTAH, July 25, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — As firefighters battle wildfires throughout Utah, human bad behavior is increasing the risk of new starts.

“Fire Prevention Tech, Ogden RD, extinguished nine abandoned campfires 7/24,” says a tweet from Utah Fire Info.

“Fires had potential for escaping into grass & brush, especially ones with trash on top that could easily ignite and blow into grass.

“Please pack in pack out and completely extinguish your campfires.”

As of late Monday afternoon, Utah crews were fighting the following wildfires:

Image: Utah Fire Info/Gephardt Daily

Jacob City, Tooele County. Discovered July 7, human caused. Burned 4,113.64 acres. Now considered fully contained.

Royal, Tooele County. Discovered July 21, nature caused. One acre burned.

Geneva Rock Shooting Range, Utah County. Reported Sunday. Human caused. One acre burned.

Halfway Hill, Millard County, Reported July 8. Human caused. Estimated 11,675.16 acres burned. At 77% contained.

Pet, Garfield County. Reported Sunday, July 24. Acres burned estimated at 0.1. Nature caused.

A wildfire near Utah’s southwest border, the Dodge Springs fire, is in Nevada’s Lincoln County, but likely causing smoke in the area. That fire, discovered July 21, stands at 5,611.84 acres burned, and was caused by nature.



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