Officials: ‘Hundreds of syringes,’ drugs, guns, found in Salt Lake gang member’s home

File photo: Pixabay/ Ashby C. Sorensen

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, June 19, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — An alleged white supremacist gang member was arrested this week after “hundreds of syringes,” drugs and weapons were discovered in his home and his vehicle, police officials said.

A probable cause statement from the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake County said Tyler Scott Jorgensen, 36, was arrested Monday and is facing charges of five counts of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a second-degree felony, two counts of possession of a controlled substance schedule I or II, a third-degree felony and one count of use or possession of drug paraphernalia, a class B misdemeanor.

The probable cause statement said an AP&P agent conducted a home compliance check on Jorgensen June 17. He is on felony probation with AP&P as a known SAC (Soldiers of the Aryan Culture) gang member, the statement said.

The mother of Jorgensen’s girlfriend allowed officials inside the residence.

“He showed us his bedroom,” the statement said. “In plain view was an uncapped syringe on the nightstand, next to the bed. His girlfriend was standing as if she was hiding something behind her. I told her to move. Behind her was a large opened folding knife. Jorgensen admitted to knowing and using the knife.”

Personal checks, credit cards and government IDs were found in various places inside of the bedroom, the statement said.

Jorgensen and his girlfriend were placed in handcuffs, read their Miranda rights and both agreed to speak with officers, the statement said.

“A subsequent search found hundreds of used syringes, white crystal substance which Jorgensen stated was his methamphetamine, multiple black tar like substances (which both said was heroin), three .380 bullets, .22 bullet, .22 rifle, Jorgensen’s backpack with a pocket knife inside, crushed orange substance which both stated was Suboxone, an AP&P law enforcement shirt and multiple burned metal spoons with a black tar residue,” the statement said.

The girlfriend claimed the fraud items inside of her closet and dresser drawer mixed in with her credit cards, the statement said.

“Jorgensen admitted to driving the truck parked out front,” the statement went on. “I told him we would be searching it as well. He stated we would find a gun case inside of the truck. We did find a gun case with an assault rifle and multiple loaded magazines inside of the case. His truck contained a federal agent law enforcement badge and a large fixed blade knife between the driver seat and the center console.”

A hard case with two industrial magnets attached to the outside was found also inside of the truck. It contained an unknown white powdery substance and a black tar substance. Jorgensen stated the case had magnets so he could hide it, and added his DNA would be found on the rifle and magazines.

The assault rifle inside of the vehicle was co-owned by a person who assaulted multiple AP&P agents in February 2019, the statement said. This individual stated they would come back and kill AP&P agents when released from jail.

Jorgensen has multiple prior felony convictions and is currently on felony probation with AP&P. He was transported to the Salt Lake County Jail, where he is being held without bail.



  1. Of all the crap that is news worthy, you want to write a story about someone violating probation. Im pretty sure his personal drug use doesn’t affect anyone but himself and his freedom. But we continue to let creepy pedophiles run free because you cant arrest them for enticing children with out penetration. Utah drugs and gangs are the least of your problem. But keep the public thinking its so unsafe. Duh get over it.


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