Officials: Hurricane High School students disciplined after appearing in racist photo

Photo: Hurricane High School

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah, May 17, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Washington County School District issued a statement Friday condemning a racist photo that was posted on Snapchat.

The photo featured two Hurricane High School students and an adult, officials confirmed.

Two of the people in the photo are on their knees and wearing what looks like blackface, while the third person, wearing a white hood, holds each of them by the neck. Behind the trio is a Confederate flag.

The photo is captioned: “N**** hunting 2019. I’m glad I could fill my tags this year.”

After the school district got wind of the image that was circulating on social media, Washington County School District Director of Communications Steven Dunham released an official response.

“Words of disgust and sadness are insufficient to describe our feelings regarding the image that was brought to our attention the evening of May 16,” the response states. “This repulsive photo does not represent the concern, love and care of Washington County School District.

“Although this incident did not take place on school grounds or happen during school time, it does not minimize our abhorrence of this racist act.”

Appropriate disciplinary action was taken immediately for the students who were involved, Dunham’s statement says.

“Yet no level of discipline can repair the hate, bigotry and ugliness portrayed in that one picture. The vulgar ignorance and idiocy on display are beyond repair by any small discipline we can provide.”

According to the statement, the school district has asked local and federal law enforcement to review the photo for potential criminal violations.

“We are also consulting with legal counsel as we consider additional administrative actions,” the official response concluded.

To read the entire statement, click here.


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