Officials: Ogden man caught stealing underwear, arrested for burglary

David Grant Pomeroy. Photo: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, May 6, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — An Ogden man was booked into Weber County Jail Saturday evening after allegedly breaking into an apartment and being caught holding a 12-inch galvanized pipe in one hand and the male resident’s underwear in the other.

David Grant Pomeroy, 60, was charged on suspicion of:

  • Burglary of a dwelling, a second-degree felony
  • Use or possession of drug paraphernalia, a class B misdemeanor
  • Criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor

According to a probable cause statement, Pomeroy was in the apartment, near 300 8th Street, Ogden, on Saturday when the resident came home. The resident said Pomeroy had beenĀ on the property the week prior, and had to be chased away.

The resident said that on Saturday, he told Pomeroy he had to leave, and Pomeroy dropped the metal pipe, but held onto the underwear. The resident hit the underwear out of Pomeroy’s hand, he said, then followed the suspect to an address near 2700 Washington Blvd. while calling law officers.

According to the statement, made by a Weber County Sheriff’s official, “David stated that he had no idea what (the victim) was talking about and denied all involvement in the burglary.”

Officers went to the accuser’s apartment, and found the scene as the victim had described it, including the pipe and the underwear on the floor. They also found damage to the door frame that was consistent with the door being forced open.

Officers placed Pomeroy under arrest, and searched his property, the probable cause statement says. In a outer jacket, they found a glass pipe like those used for illegal drugs. On it were burn marks and crystal residue, the statement says.

Pomeroy denied knowledge of the glass pipe, and said the coat it was found in was not his.



  1. Something needs to change. While this case may have happened exactly as written, it would be the perfect way to ruin a persons life. Anyone could say the same thing about anyone. A few screwdriver marks on a door a pipe laid on the ground and you can turn a life upside down. Public announcements of the alleged crimes such as this one are enough to ruin relationships with neighbors, landlords, family, not to mention employers. I just think a person should be found guilty before their name is released to the public.


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