Ogden teen booked on homicide charge after turning himself in; police call him ‘known gang member’

Xavier Soto. Photos: Weber County; Gephardt Daily

OGDEN, Utah, Feb. 13, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — An 18 year old wanted after the assault and death of an Ogden man on Feb. 2 has been booked into the Weber County Jail after turning himself in.

Xavier Soto — described in his probable cause statement as a known member of Ogden’s Trece criminal street gang — was booked on a single count of criminal homicide, a first-degree felony.

The victim, 28-year-old D.J. Parkinson, died after being stabbed twice, according to the statement. He was attacked after trying to intervene when he saw Soto attacking a woman, the statement says.

Police were called to the scene, near a detached garage of 2228 Monroe Blvd., at 9:51 p.m. Feb. 2, the statement says.

“Officers located a male in front of the above address on the ground and bleeding from injuries to his chest and back. The injuries appeared to be slash or puncture type injuries,” the statement says. “The male was unconscious, and had agonal breathing. The male was transported to McKay Dee Hospital, but later died from his injuries.”

Several witnesses were located, and they “told investigators that a male identified as Xavier Soto was in a physical altercation with a woman in the alleyway. The victim attempted to intervene and stop Soto from assaulting the woman.”

After confronting Soto, Parkinson tried to run away, heading west down an alley, the statement says. Soto gave chase.

“The two ran across Monroe Boulevard, then south on the west side of Monroe Boulevard,” the statement says. “Investigators located surveillance video from a location on Monroe which shows a portion of the fatal assault between Xavier Soto and the victim which corroborate the information given by the witnesses.”

An autopsy on Parkinson confirmed he had sustained two stab wounds to his torso, one of which was fatal.

Soto is being held without bail.



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