State preps for possible death-penalty cases against parents of 3-year-old Ogden murder victim

Miller Costello (right) and Brenda Emile. Photo: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, Aug. 25, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Miller Costello and Brenda Emile — accused in the July death of 3-year-old daughter Angelina — have each been assigned lead attorneys, suggesting that their aggravated murder charges may result in death-penalty trials.

Costello, 25, and Emile, 22, were taken into custody on July 7, a day after first responders were called to their Ogden residence and found Angelina, already deceased and stiff, visibly malnourished, and her body covered with bruises, lacerations, open sores and burns.

The injuries were in various stages of healing, suggesting a prolonged period of abuse, according to a probable cause statement.

Evidence in the case includes cellphone photos and videos showing Angelina being taunted with food, which was then withdrawn, and showing her in various stages of deteriorating health.

Emile admitted she had applied makeup to Angelina’s body in an attempt to hide the severity of the child’s injuries, according to the statement.

Criminal attorneys Martin Gravis and Randall Marshall appeared Thursday in Ogden’s Second District Court to swear under oath that they meet the qualifications of Utah’s Rule 8. 

The Rule 8 attorney requirements include a minimum of five years actively practicing law, previous experience as counsel or co-counsel in a capital case that resulted in a verdict, and hours of continuing education completed since law school.

In addition, capital case defendants must be given two or more attorneys, at least one of whom meets the Rule 8 specifications.

Costello and Emile also appeared in court Thursday. Their next scheduled appearances in their separate cases are preliminary hearings scheduled in mid-December, before Judge Michael DiReda.

The final autopsy report on Angelina’s body is expected to be released by the Utah Medical Examiner by sometime in October.


  1. They just need to die and it needs to be done quickly. Rid them of this world and be done with them. So many people in this world shouldn’t be allowed to have children, so sad.

  2. Babys are a blessing frome god sent to make us happy and complete our lives but to do that to them is eval and god will judge them through our justice system and at judgment day let us pray for all children

  3. I agree they need to die but Slowly! The conviction needs to be quick but their torment and pain needs to be agonizingly slow just because of their cruelity to a child


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