Ogden woman arrested after allegedly failing to prevent, report abuse of toddler

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OGDEN, Utah, Feb. 25, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — An Ogden woman was charged with felony child abuse — infliction of serious physical injury recklessly — after she allegedly told police she failed to stop the abuse of a 1-year-old boy or to seek immediate treatment for his injuries.

A probable cause statement filed for the third-degree felony charge in the Feb. 15 case say that Selena Vasquez, 20, was aware of injuries caused to the toddler.

On Feb. 20, Vasquez told police that “she was not the one who physically abused the victim, but noticed severe bruising and injuries on the victim’s person,” the probable cause statement says. “S.V. stated she acknowledged the injuries were occurring and did nothing to prevent or treat them, nor seek medical attention therein.

“With S.V.’s knowledge of the injuries and their ongoing nature, she knew, or should have known, the victim was being abused, which constitutes, per Utah State Code 76-5-109, reckless behavior.”

Arrested on Feb. 15, the day of the alleged attack, was Eliseo Estrada Jr., 22. Estrada was charged on suspicion of child abuse — infliction of serious injury intentionally, a second-degree felony.

Ogden police were summoned to the residence after Vasquez called her mother, then dispatch, the probable cause statement says. Selena Vasquez told officers she had found the year-old child unconscious after she said he banged his head against the wall multiple times while she was busy feeding a 6-month-old baby.

The year-old boy was transported to Primary Children’s Hospital with severe injuries, including one or more brain bleeds, Estrada’s probable cause statement says.

“E.E. (Eliseo Estrada), when questioned by your affiant, corroborated S.V,’s account that (the toddler) hits himself and inflict(ed) the head wounds observed,” the responding officer wrote. “I personally observed a litany of bruises on (the child’s) legs, hands, arms and body.

“(The toddler) also has open sores on his front-facing hip bones that appear to be from a diaper rubbing against the skin for prolonged periods of time.

“After speaking with E.E. more in depth, he explained that he caused the severe injuries to (the toddler’s) person out of frustration.”

After waiving his Miranda rights, Estrada “admitted and confessed to inflicting a combination of physical injuries (more than two) by means of spanking and hitting. E.E. stated this was done out of frustration due to environmental and economical reasons as well as frustration for (the toddler’s) constant and incessant crying.”

In a later interview, Estrada reportedly told police his abuse of the boy had started on Dec. 15 of last year, and continued for two months, until his own arrest.


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